This website was created and is maintained by volunteers.  It is not the official website of the village.  We make updates to the content when changes are brought to our attention, and all entries are reviewed once a year.  It is possible, however, that we have missed something.  If you know of a business, organization, or service in Bellaire which we have neglected to include, or if you spot something that should be corrected, please contact us.

Each of the category pages has a header photo.  Most of these are simply interesting pictures taken around town.  However, where there is only one business in a category, we have tried to provide a photo of that business for the top of the page.  If your business is the only one in its category, but we do not have a photo of it, or you are not happy with our photo, we would be happy to consider a photo of your choice.  Please keep in mind that it must fit in the banner space at the top of the page.

We would like to express our appreciation to the Bellaire Area Chamber of Commerce for their assistance in gathering the information for this website, and to Bellaire's Village Council for allowing us to launch the site. We would also like to thank Joanne Cochran Sullivan, BRS Photography, Dan Brown, Daniel L. Frizzi Jr., Ed Street, Ed Jepson, Paul Cramer, Lisa Johnson, East Coast Metal Systems, and John T. Kniesner for graciously sharing their photographs. The Photo Gallery is currently being updated; we hope to have it looking nicer soon.